An Invitation to Move

Jahanamiya is a feminist literary magazine that publishes written work exclusively by Saudi women, as well as accompanying artwork created by regional artists. In its latest issue titled Movement التحرك, I wrote a short story about my experience with movement followed by a poem titled An Invitation to Move. You can read the full story here 

Nia Pillars, Survey, and Inspiration for the day

Few days ago, the Nia Technique Headquarters shared with us, teachers, students and future students, the Nia Brand Book. The book presents the purpose, philosophy and meaning of Nia. You can download the book here. From the book, I would like to share here the Pillars of Nia: 1- FITNESS Feeling Good + Looking Good …

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Earlier this year I set up a challenge for myself, to create and craft a Nia class routine with my music and choreography before my birthday. It would be my birthday gift to myself. That would be a major expansion and stepping out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t sure that I would be able …

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