About Me

Embodied Parenting Coach, Movement and Expressive Dance Facilitator

On The Journey To Integration Since 2008

I’m a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, and a mother of two boys with personalities as different as day and night who are also two of my most influential teachers. I grew up in Jeddah, the western region of Saudi Arabia, moved to Dhahran, in 2002. I moved to Houston, TX, in 2007 then to Seoul, South Korea, and moved come back in 2013. I have experienced and learned from the east and west…literally!
My learning journey has taken me, so far, into Biochemistry, non-profit, stress management, Nia, health coaching, embodied facilitation, and leadership coaching.

I received different experiences and learning skills and for a while, I struggled with how to connect the dots and find my strength. Reflecting on my experience; parenting was where I found my greatest wins and worst failures, it is where all the training and self-development helped me the most.
In 2020 I launched my podcast Start The Conversation, combining the love of having meaningful conversations and raising awareness. It became something I really enjoy and got me to connect with amazing individuals.

manal aldabbagh

Things I love

Coffee and books! Can spend endless hours with those two Getting to know people and having meaningful conversations.

Causes I support

Organic farming and sustainable living. Social Responsibility and benefit cooperations. Parenting Support

Things I’d like to learn

Play the ukulele. Become a B Corp consultant. Dance salsa Design Lego

My Journey




My second child is born


Nia white belt

MS Non-profit management
Nia blue belt


Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching

Nia green belt


Leadership Embodiment L1
Nia Brown Belt

Certificates And Recognitions

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