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Earlier this year I set up a challenge for myself, to create and craft a Nia class routine with my music and choreography before my birthday. It would be my birthday gift to myself. That would be a major expansion and stepping out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to pull it off but I set to accomplish it nevertheless.

The first step was to select the music. I though that would be an easy process, little did I know! I thought I can simply choose some of my favorite songs that would be one enough for a 50-60 minute class. It wasn’t that easy, I was determined to include Arabic and Middle Eastern music, which can be quiet challenging. After visiting to A LOT of music, a playlist started to emerge.

Fortunately in the last routine I learned, Grateful, Debbie (Nia founder and co-creator) explained the process of creating a routine. After choosing the playlist, I free dance to it, and got the feel of the music, name feelings, set a basic move and movement form to each song, and receive what the music communicate to my body and. I decided to keep the choreography simple and not complicated, I built on my body knowledge and the 52 moves of Nia. Long story short….I did it 🙂

I currently teach in two locations, so two days before my birthday, March 23, I danced my routine for the first time. I was thrilled and so proud to dance with my students and share my Nia baby. The focus of the class is ME, which is the name of my routine. Those who know me well know how much I love using ME. I realized that it also sends for Middle East, which is what I wanted to represent with the music. The intention is to celebrate our unique selves and honor our individual contribution to the world. I was inspired by a quote by the dancer Martha Graham below and I shared it with my students when setting the focus.

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The class was fabulous and I loved every minute of it. I’m truly grateful to Nia and what it provided and keep offering me regarding self growth and expansion. There was a delicious sensation of knowing in my body that I can do this, and in fact I’m good at it. There are times when I have self doubt and question if I have what it takes to share this work and excel in it. I can keep questioning the perfection of my effort and my teaching skills. One of the most important gifts Nia has given me is the ability to trust that if I do my part and show up to class, stay centered and go with the flow, everything will find its way to perfection the way it is supposed. Stepping into teaching was a huge step out of my comfort zone, and now sharing my unique self is another step toward expressing my self fully and sharing my gifts with the world. 

I will be celebrating my birthday tomorrow, March 25, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful year of expansion, growth and self expression. Another birthday gift will be going to Portland in September for the Black belt training. I LOVE my birthday gifts 😀

Here is a glimpse of what it takes to bar the music according to Nia 8BC system, and build a routine.

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I knew I had to have a song by Fairouz in ME, there were many choices, but Allah Kabeer was the choice and with it the class begins.

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