Call it Magic


Yes! I am a proud Black belt Nia teacher! It is still surreal, like a moment in a dream. I did fly into Portland on Sep 10 to begin my journey into the unknown.

On the Nia website, the invitation in Black belt is to let go of all that is known and enter the unknown. Now, after having gone through that magical week, I truly understand that statement. Because if you ask me what did I learn during that week? My answer will be: I don’t know!

Maybe that is not so accurate, I know I did learn something, but that is still unknown to me. I know I can name the 52 moves of Nia, I can count the  beats and bars in a song and identify sections, I know the 13 principles of the white belt by heart, I know my body understands the blue and brown belt principles. What I don’t know is how all this knowledge and experience will eventually sink into my cells and create the magic.

What is the magic of Nia? To me it is the alchemy of music, movement and my own unique self. It is my spirit that blends everything I learned, (in white, blue, green, brown and black belts trainings, teaching and being a student) and manifest itself in my dance through life and my Nia classes.


Before the first class I taught as a black belt, I was curious to sense what has changed in my ability to deliver the promise of Nia in class. I couldn’t find a tangible change! What I experienced is more of me than there was ever before, a seamless continuity and flow that was new.

I’m grateful to Debbie for bringing Nia into reality and for all my wonderful trainers over the years. I’m grateful to have the space to explore and learn without the pressure of having to know it all and get it. It is an internal cellular knowing that Nia asks of us. 

So what is the it that I got from my training? It is the deep knowing and trust that even if I don’t know now, I already know everything I need to know. And somewhere in the river of the unknown is Magic.



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