Policy and Guidelines

1- Upon scheduling an introductory or a regular session, the client must ensure the recipient of the confirmation link and online session link. The client must contact the coach if they can’t find the email at least 12 hours before the appointment.

2- Rescheduling. The client must inform the coach if they can’t show up to the appointment 24 hours ahead. There is a three times limit for rescheduling.

3- No refunds; all transactions are final.

4- In case of no show, the client must schedule and pay for another session. If the client purchased a coaching package or session as part of a program, the missed session would be counted, and the client must pay for an extra session if needed.

5- If the client is late for the session, there will be no extension of the session time; the session will end on time.

6- Payment. All payment must be confirmed before the start of the session or program.

7- All communications are done via emails. No text messages or voice calls unless agreed by coach and client.

8- The client has agency and choice in all services provided by the coach. The client must communicate with the coach if they have any concerns.

9- The coach will inform the client if the issue presented is beyond the coaching scope of practice. The coach can recommend professionals who can be better suited for the client. It is up to the client to take that suggestion.

10- Confidentiality. The coach will keep clients’ information confidential, their identity and anything shared during sessions.

11- All materials presented are the coach’s property, including videos, documents, and other teaching materials. The client must not share publicly without reference to the coach.