Nia Pillars, Survey, and Inspiration for the day


Few days ago, the Nia Technique Headquarters shared with us, teachers, students and future students, the Nia Brand Book. The book presents the purpose, philosophy and meaning of Nia. You can download the book here.

From the book, I would like to share here the Pillars of Nia:


Feeling Good + Looking Good

Uniting the worlds of exercise science and holistic health, Nia fitness feels and looks right because it connects people universally to the sensations of pleasure, joy, and love. Blending the wisdom of eastern and western movements and philosophies, Nia conditions the body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

Ultimately, feel good and look good conditioning is cultivated in each person’s body. It is personal and subjective. Feeling good comes from tapping into sensation – the voice of the body. It comes from saying yes to pleasure and no to pain by listening to the body and adapting the movements to feel good.


Through Movement We Find Health

Movement is the song of the body in union with the universe. Movement diversity is key to thrivability and important to all life on the planet. Systemic movement addresses layers and levels of the body’s ecosystem including muscles, joints, brain, nervous system, blood flow, and lymphatic balance.

Nia movement creates health in the entire body using the stimulation of music, vocal sounding, emotional expression, and dynamic movement variety.


Authentic Heart

Power is personal – every body is inherently powerful. Power is the ability to act, say, think, and express attitude, style, and belief without reserve, hesitation, or limitation.

The practice of free expression within the Nia form ignites the courage, fullness of heart, and will, to live authentically.


Love Your Body – Love Your Life

Beauty is an expression of living one’s profound style that emanates from within. Nia dips into the deeper pool of self-love, self-expression, and self-realization. From this pool, a light-hearted playfulness and radiance dances into being.

Sustaining self-love is the path to wholeness.

If you already experienced a Nia class, please click the link  complete the survey, it will only take 2 minutes. It will be help me tremendously in scheduling and planning Nia classes and workshops.

If you want to experience your first Nia class, send me your contacts through the contact form below. 


Inspiration for the day 🙂


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