Coaching Curiosity


Two things happened around the same time that gave me clarity on the type of coach I want to be.

The first one was coaching an aspiring actress who wanted to be comfortable moving in her body. I was honest at the beginning that I knew nothing of theater, but I know I can help her move and dance freely. I also told her that I don’t have a checklist or a program that I follow, I understood what she wants and know that I have something to offer that can help her achieve it. What we will do each session will depend on where she is and what comes up for her. We will play with music and movement, find what works for her and what doesn’t and so on.
This approach brings curiosity and wonder to the coaching session; she is finding what gets her excited and knows the goals she wants to reach. It also brings ownership to the direction of the coaching sessions, and that is empowering.

The second thing was me finding a movement coach and signing up for online coaching. My coach, Chandler Steven, is a natural movement coach and has a varied background in different disciplines. During the sessions, we discuss different things, rather than him having an agenda or a checklist to cover, we follow my curiosity and what is going on for me at the time. My practices so far involve climbing trees, balancing, writing stories and a toe exercise! I love how unconventional these sessions are and how organically it is developing. Last week we tapped into what I want to do on a bigger scale, and he encouraged me to see the big picture. Through our session I formulated what I would like to offer as a coach, it came about as a simple metaphor that sums it up.

What I would like to offer as a coach is to present various ingredients to the client, and instead of giving them a recipe that works for me, I encourage them to try and taste everything and come up with their own recipe and dish they like! Isn’t that wonderful!

Curiosity and excitement are useful tools for learning. That is how I got to do what I’m doing today, and it continues to guide my learning and exploration.

What excites you? What gets your juices flowing? Find what brings you joy, and do more of it, every day.
It is not enough to experience aliveness and joy only when traveling, going on a retreat or doing extreme sports, that would be a waste of life!

Everything we do is a practice, and with practice, it becomes easier.
As babies, we relentlessly practiced rolling, standing and walking until we were able to do it effortlessly without even thinking about it.
Think about the many times you reached for your phone in the morning, how many times you had to practice that for it to be a habit? We are unconsciously creating patterns all the time, so how about consciously choosing what you practice?

Interested in following your curiosity? Send me a message to schedule a 45 min Zoom chat.

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