Awareness is to observe without judgment, to notice what is happening right now, this minute, this second.
Awareness is to sense, taste, hear, see, and feel.
Awareness is to observe without judgment, how we talk, how we walk and how we love.
Awareness gives us a choice; we can’t change what we are not aware of. Every change starts with awareness, and we can only know when things should end if we are aware.
Awareness is the key to choice.
Awareness helps us know the flow, be with the flow, and be the flow.
Awareness drives us to be the best version of ourselves.
Awareness empowers us to claim our uniqueness and eccentricities

We cultivate awareness; it is an ongoing process, we don’t get to a state of awareness and remain there.

To stay unaware is to stay in victim land; where everything happens is a result of what others are doing, where we are powerless and helpless.

To stay unaware, we allow external factors and circumstances to influence our choice, if not make it while we think we are in charge.
To stay unaware is to keep all our gifts, talents, and creativity hidden and buried.
To stay unaware is to take everything personally and blame others for our misfortune.
To stay unaware is to keep our potential and light unclaimed.
To stay unaware is to be oblivious to who we are and our purpose in life.
To stay unaware is to increase the pain and suffering of events that are meant to help us grow.
To stay unaware is to miss out on the joy and peace that comes from knowing who we are.

Awareness Exercise

While reading this, sense your shoulders, are they relaxed or tensed? How would it feel if you relax them? How many directions can you move your shoulders? Is there a difference between right and left? Bring curiosity and wonder to this fabulous joint.

Stand up if possible and sense your feet.
How is your weight distributed? Do you lean more on one side than the other? If possible, start walking, which part of your feet touches the floor first? Do you start with right or left?
For the next five minutes, just observe your feet while walking or sitting and be in awe of how simple yet complex the process is, and how we take for granted the magic and gift of our body.


Our body speaks to us through sensations.


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