Conversations between my mind and body

Ever since I began my journey to reconnect to my body, and learn to listen to the subtlety of its messages, I had numerous experiences when I ignored what my body was telling me and following the direction of my mind only to regret my choice. It is interesting how we think we are making a choice just to realize that it was a blind habitual and automatic choice…if I can call that a choice!

This summer, while exploring a small town in Germany, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, I had such an experience. As I always do, I reached for restaurants offering local dishes, and I found one that had raving reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp. Many wrote it is a must to try German specialties. That sounded intriguing, and I set on going for dinner there. Since it was too early for dinner, I passed by a grocery store (another favorite thing to do in a new place) and bought a vanilla flavored coconut yogurt and sat at the park to eat it. The yogurt was amazingly delicious, and I enjoyed the beautiful surrounding and lovely breeze.

Later when it was time for dinner I headed toward the restaurant I was determined to try. As I approached the restaurant, I really didn’t feel like having a meal, and thought about turning back and getting another yogurt and maybe a salad or so. Since it was my last day at that town I was tempted not to miss the opportunity to eat there, if I don’t go in I might never get to eat there! So I went in, driven by my mind’s desire not to miss out and ignoring what my body needed, that is not to have a big meal. I ordered the dish that everyone was raving about, the one I didn’t want to miss. I did not like it one bit, I ate more than what I really wanted and felt really lousy. I had to ask for the check and leave. On my way to the hotel, I passed by the grocery store and got yogurt and a sparkling drink. At my room, I reflected on what happened and realized that had I listen to my body’s request not to eat I would have felt much better, didn’t waste food and money!
It was a valuable lesson to learn, and although I’m sure I’ll override my body’s messages again at some point (we human never really learn) I’d like to think that I will do it less often 🙂

Do these conversations happen within you too? Share your stories and learning by making a comment or sending me a message 🙂

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