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Two weeks ago I had no idea that I will be going to Goa and be lead by Wendy Palmer in a two day course, Level 1 of Leadership Embodiment.

I first read about Wendy Palmer when I was curious about Aikido, she is a 6th degree Black Belt. Aikido, is a Japanese martial art, that is known as the Art of Peace or the peaceful martial art. It is also one of the movement modalities that Nia inspires from. I have recently wrote about my experience of Aikido here

So when I recently came across again as I was watching an embodiment video, I searched to see if there is any course taking place where I can attend. To my luck, I find that she is giving a Level 1 course in Goa! That is India and it is close enough to go for two days.

At first, I didn’t take it seriously, but was nudged by the universe through my husband’s question “why don’t you go?” That question led me to explore the possibility of going, and reach out to the organizer who had an assuring tone of “You will make it”

So everything seemed to have fallen into place when I apply for the visa the same day, Wednesday, in a hope I get it back one day before by booked flight. Long story short….I did make it. I landed in Goa Friday morning, had a super relaxing day at the beach and got ready for the course beginning the next day.

changing your posture can change your perception. Your posture promoted the change of your mind.Wendy Palmer

Level 1 – Fundamentals

I’m still out of words to explain my experience during the two days course, but I can say for sure, that what I understood about myself and my patterns was far more greater and clearer than anything I’ve done before, because the body shows it as is, and it doesn’t lie.

Here is a detailed explanation about what is Level 1, from the official website:

This course offers participants an introduction to LE, language, practices and principles. Through simple physical exercises that apply light pressure, we are able to recognize the patterns that arise when we are in intense situations. Once we are familiar with our pattern, we apply centering practices to help us shift to a more creative, compassionate and skillful state. Working in pairs, we chunk down learning exercises to create a lasting somatic imprint in the body. Individual debrief and group discussions create a dynamic learning container.

You will learn to shift to an open relaxed and centered state while under pressure. Level 1 introduces practices for cultivating the 3 Leadership Competencies:

Being inclusive, especially in difficult situations

Listening to everything that is being said without taking things personally

Speaking up for what we believe in, even when there is strong resistance.



The whole experience was magical and an intense lesson in trusting and letting go. I’m so grateful for the experience and the lessons I learned and learning still. I will be probably writing about it in future posts. 

What I find fascinating about this work, is that it is easy accessible to everyone, and because the body shows it as it is, the role of the mind to analyze and be convinced, takes a step back. It is great to see embodiment practices going into the corporate world and organizations and providing great simple tools to everyone. Everyone of us is a leader and follower one way or another. If I’m speaking, I’m leading, and I’m listening, I’m following.

I certainly want to go further into this and look forward to my next course with Wendy. Her vision is to bring this work and have a Leadership Embodiment Coach training available in Asia, so if you are interested in taking Level 1 in Dubai or Bahrain please contact me and I will direct you to the organizers in charge.


To understand what being Noble Awesome Shiny means, watch this video 🙂

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