Stepping in Nia White Belt

The seed I planted to grow Nia in the Gulf region is growing 🙂
We have a date for the first ever White Belt training in Dubai. In December, the fantastic Nia Trainer Helen Terry will be flying in to offer the training.

Nia has transformed my life in so many different ways; it has been a wonderful journey that started in 2008 when I stepped into my first class. I have been back to Saudi since 2013 and have been working since to introduce people, especially women, to this practice that allowed me to fully express myself, connect to my body, and feel great.

In September 2016, I completed the Black Belt training, you can read about my experience here.
It was also the time when Helen announced her intention to retire as a trainer in 5 years. I always wanted to invite Helen to come to the Gulf to offer training, and with her announcement, I thought I’d better act on manifesting this wish now.

I stepped into white belt having no intention to be a teacher. It was May 2010, by then I have regularly been going to classes and have built a relationship with Helen Terry, co-owner of the studio and Nia trainer. I also developed relationships with other regular students and was surprised that many of then did the training and are not teaching and have no intention of teaching. With the that in mind and the proximity of the training location, I signed up!

I had no expectations of what the training will include or what we will do in 7 days of training, 5 of were full days! The first day is short and planned for introduction and setting the tone for the coming week. It was also the time to learn how to create space, a practice I’ve grown to love in every Nia training and life. What is amazing about this training is; the richness and depth of information, from anatomy to music and free dance to how to create a sacred livelihood, it is a holistic approach to somatic education and life. After the training, I still didn’t want to teach, but I had a deeper respect for Nia as a life practice as well as a fitness class, a feeling I still have at the end of every training I attended, whether for the first time or auditing or retaking.

Recently, I was talking to a friend about why it was important to me to have this dream of a white belt come true. One aspect is the tremendous joy I get when I see how Nia touches the student’s lives, how I helped in connecting them with the magic of Nia. Another aspect is I feel it is my way of giving back to Nia for all the things it gave me. It is also me giving back to my community and offer them a chance to experience the magic of Nia through the foundation of White Belt with its focus on the Art of Sensation.

Who can sign up for the training?

ANYBODY can sign up for the white belt, no matter what age, fitness level or Nia experience, I have met people who signed up for the training without even taking a single class! All is needed is a curiosity to learn about the body and explore the art of sensation.

If you want to be part of manifesting my dream you can sign up for the training here. You can also help spread the word by directing people to this link. 

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If you have any questions or unsure about anything, use the contact box below. 

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