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So here’s what happened

Within the last three weeks, I had great conversations with different women and I was inspired to share their work with others. I was also finding my self connecting with others, sharing stories and creating a space for conversations. 

Combine all that and a deep desire to have a positive impact on my community an idea to organize a talk series came to life. 

That was THIS week! 

I don’t know if it is the time of the year, spring, that represents new beginnings, excitement of offering a great opportunity to have real conversation, being an online conferences, summits, courses enthusiast, or simply not listening to the voice in my head screaming “You have no idea how to do this” I contacted those women and they all replied “I’m in” 

Here is what I shared with them as my intention:

There are a lot of women now doing amazing things, some are old friends and some are new, and I’m sure there are plenty more that I haven’t met. Each of us has a unique talent and area of knowledge, starting conversations that are much needed in our modern times, each sharing a wisdom from a different source but have a common goal of sharing it with our community. 2019 is becoming  a year of communication, connections and communities (and all happen to begin with a C so let’s add coffee, chocolate and cookies) And I’m inspired to create a space for starting the conversation.  

I’m spending my Friday trying to figure out how to do all this, posted on IG, set a registration link and figuring out Constant Contact, and now I’m writing this post. I’m really hopeful that this will grow to include more speakers and participants, but for now I’m taking baby steps. 

I believe that everything we do has a positive or negative impact on others, sometimes this impact is tangible and we are aware of it, other times we have no idea how what we say or do or even post will impact others. But I know when the intention is to serve wholeheartedly from a space of compassion, kindness and love, the outcome is positively immeasurable. 

When: Every Wednesday April 3rd – May 1st

Where: Everywhere. Online through Zoom platform

Who: Noorah Kareem, Noura AlFadl, Mona Dabbagh, Rozana AlBanawi, and Sara Hazmi.

More Details to come soon.

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