Radical Forgiveness

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In my post about books I loved in 2015, I included Radical Forgiveness as one of my favorites. The book and the radical forgiveness tools it offers resonated so much with what I feel is true, it helped me resolve some issues, at least for now, and simply made so much sense. I decided to take it further and enroll in the coaching certification that the author offers on his website. I wanted to dig deeper into radical living and share it with others. I’m now almost two months into the program and I’m so glad I took that step.

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I love the book because:

No . Many ideas and concepts are introduced as assumptions not beliefs; this helps me learn not be attached to my ideas and what I think or believe is right. It is a great exercise in accepting other people opinion and staying away from righteousness which is ego in full motion.

Feelings are important. Feelings and emotions are part of what makes us human, we are not built to not feel, not get angry, not be sad or not want to scream out loud. We are not whole without those feelings. While staying with certain feelings will have a negative effect, also by passing them is not good either. An important part of Radical Forgiveness is feeling the feelings, letting it go and then introduce the shift in perspective.

Offers tools. I had always believed in all what happens is good, everything that happens happens for a good reason and Allah gives us the best. The books introduces several tools and exercises that help process those beliefs, my own beliefs.

We are humans. And we will still be humans until the day we die. We are meant to learn, understand and then forget, mess up and clean up our mess. Even though I fully understand that nothing wrong ever happens, I would still at some point get stressed, frustrated, be judgmental and go into the victim role. That what makes us human. With practice it will be easy to reconnect with my divine nature and see the perfection in the situation. And then the cycle goes on again!

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One of my assignments is to create a book study group, it would be the first time I participate, leave alone lead, a book study! The book study is scheduled to start this Thursday, Jan 21st, and I’m really excited to see where it will take us as a group.

If you read the book and would like to chat, or if you decide to read it let me know what you think when you are done. If you live close to Dhahran and would like to join a Radical Forgiveness book study let me know, and if you are far but can figure out how to do it virtually contact me 🙂

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