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كيف حالي؟

الجهاز العصبي اللاإرادي يتحكم في حالة جسدنا الداخلية (مثل التنفس والهضم وحركة القلب) وهدفه حمايتنا من الخطر. للجهاز العصبي حالات مختلفة وتؤثر على مشاعرنا . . وافكارنا وردة فعلنا وتعاملنا مع المحيط من حولنا. التعرف على هذة الأحوال وفهمها وطريقة تجسيدها يساعدنا على فهم انفسنا بطريقة أعمق ويساعدنا لإختيار ردة فعلنا في ورشة عمل كيف …

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Coming Home to the Body

Course Description Get Started “Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness” Gabrielle Roth. There are many modalities and paths to explore and reconnect to our body. In this five-week exploration series, I offer you a taste of modalities that helped me in my journey. I invite …

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Expressive Dance

Workshop Description Get Started Emotions are what we do and express in our body. We can let our emotions flow through movement and dancing and come to life, expressing what might be challenging to do with words. In an expressive dance session, you can let the music, sound, and movement guide you to get in …

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Embodied Parenting

Course Description Get Started Parenting begins with us. Knowing and understanding ourselves support us in being the parent we want for our children. Embodied Parenting is seven weekly coaching program focused on you, the parent, growing your self-awareness, developing skills to cope with stress, and cultivating self-care and self-compassion. This course is for you if : …

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Embodied Self Awareness

Course Description Get Started Our posture and how we move affect how we feel and think. Many of us have disconnected from sensing and feeling our body and therefore lost connection to the body’s wisdom. In an embodied awareness session, I gently guide you to connect to your body, one part at a time. You …

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Self Care for Parents

Workshop Description Get Started Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury. I define self-care as growing our capacity to be there for our children and deal with everyday stressors, not something we do when exhausted. In a self-care for parents session, you will learn about the window of tolerance, assess your capacity, find your self-care …

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